So for those not in the know (and if your not in the know you need to follow me more because I have only really been talking about 2 things for the last month) last weekend we jumped into another 48hr film competition where we were given three secret elements and had just 48 hours to Write, Cast, Setup, Light, Shoot, Edit & Deliver a 5 min suspense/horror film. After essentially flipping back and forth on three big idea’s (this was nearly a film about April¬†Fools or Passover) till what was WAY WAY WAY to late into the night, (So late that it was actually morning again) we settled on this amazing but very ambitious project! Now with only a few hours to setup the shots and shoot it and then even less to do some crazy on screen animation and VFX work (nearly 600 timed keyframes in less than 5 hours) We created and delivered this Film! Want to see it? Well you will have to come join us and many many other films at the screening gala Sunday the 14th at the Rio Theatre! Tickets